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Most insurers tend to “package” covers into policies aimed at as wide a market as possible.  The advantage is that they can be sold relatively cheaply.  The disadvantage is that they may not meet all your requirements or, on the other hand, provide more cover than you actually need at a cost for unnecessary benefits.

Business Insurance

  • We will spend considerable time understanding your business and how it can be affected by fortuitous events.  Only then will we venture into a forest of policies to find the right one for you.


  • Where a bespoke program is necessary, either due to unusual requirements or cost, we will work closely with selected insurers who have particular expertise in your industry.

  • We will guide you through the terms and conditions of the policy and explain your options so that you can always make an informed choice.


  • Our commitment to you is for the long term and our emphasis is therefore on prompt, professional and efficient service including mid term adjustments and claims.

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