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Fine art is normally insured under a special section of a home policy but can, in most cases, be covered on a stand alone basis.

Fine Art Insurance

  • Most insurers define fine art in very broad terms to include pictures, painting, object d’art, antiques, bronze, chandeliers, rugs, sculptures, clocks, mechanical art, precious metals, stamps, coins, guns, cameras, musical instruments and even wine.


  • Contrary to perception, rates for fine art can be surprisingly inexpensive. This is due to the relatively low frequency of claims as fine art collections tend to be well looked after and protected.


  • As far as coverage is concerned, we normally provide it on the following basis: -


  • All Risks, worldwide including transit and storage for, say, restoration, exhibition, etc.

  • Agreed value for specified items.  This sets the claimable figure at inception so claims are normally settled quickly and without having to go through the lengthy process of establishing the value of the items.

  • For items that are unspecified, we can provide a single article limit of up to £100,000 thus dispensing with the need to itemise the “smaller” items.

  • Automatic cover for new purchases for up to 90 days and with limits as high as £5,000,000.

  • Generous compensation for partial loss or damage to pairs, sets and collections.

  • Some insurers require valuation for items exceeding £50,000.  Where an up to date valuation is unavailable, we can recommend professional valuers.

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