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Many insurance companies advertise low prices, but few provide the level of cover and benefits you really need.


Whilst price is an important factor, Corri’s approach to motor insurance is to identify your requirements in terms of cover, lifestyle and claims expectations.

Car Insurance

Will the courtesy car compare to my own and be suitable for my business, social and family needs including school runs?    

Is my car insured for an agreed amount or will I only get its market value in the event of a total loss or theft claim?

Will my no claims discount be affected even if I am not to blame for the incident and regardless of whether I have Protection?

Can I extend cover to include any authorised drivers to avoid having to call my broker every time a change of insured driver is needed?

What do I use my car for and is it covered for such purposes? 

Will my policy cover me to drive other cars on a Comprehensive basis?


Do I have to pay extra for breakdown assistance or legal expense cover?

Does my policy provide full cover for driving abroad including breakdown assistance?

Can I use my preferred garage or do I have to use the insurance company’s own approved repairer and risk voiding a manufacturer’s warranty?

How quickly will my insurers deal with the claims and will my broker be helpful?

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