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Your house and its contents are too precious to risk. Loss or damage to them is more than just financial and may even deprive your family of a home.


Most standard home policies are riddled with too many exclusions and conditions. Our focus is on specialist insurers that provide the widest cover available in the UK with practically no "small print" and a claim service that exceeds expectations.

Home Insurance

  • No locks, alarm or safe conditions, meaning that a claim will not be affected in the event of the failure of such security measures, or failure to use or operate them even when the home is left unattended.

  • Where possible a free appraisal of your home can be arranged to establish the correct rebuilding cost. A report will be issued and cover could then be extended to guarantee reinstatement even if the cost exceeds the sum insured.

  • Suitable and comparable alternative accommodations should your home become uninhabitable due to an insured incident, for up to three years with no monetary limits.

  • No average clause which means that your claim will not be reduced as a result of under-insurance.

  • Worldwide all risk cover for all your contents including personal belongings, luggage and of course cash.

  • Significantly high limits for trace and access to pay, for example, the cost of locating a leaking pipe and making good any damage caused to access it.

  • Substantial limits for fringe benefits. I.e. lock & key replacement, outdoor items, landscaping, outbuildings, guests effects and & students' effects at college or university and freezer food contents.

  • High indemnity limits for Public and Employer's liability.

  • Cash settlement of claims without the need to replace or reinstate.

  • Your choice of repairer, contractor and supplier will prevail.

  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance for all family members.

  • In most cases, we operate without the need for tedious proposal forms making the entire process smooth, speedy and hassle-free.

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