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Jewellery is normally insured under your home policy but can sometimes be covered on a stand alone basis.   Comparatively, insuring jewellery can be expensive, although there are ways to reduce costs.

Jewellery Insurance

  • With a suitable home safe or safety deposit box, we can arrange for jewellery to be insured with a floating limit that provides all risks worldwide cover for items temporarily out of safe keeping.  A  floating limit is set to suit your lifestyle, often allowing for the temporary removal of the largest item in your collection without you having to notify the insurers each time.  We can also include a sum insured for items that are always worn or kept outside the home safe or safety deposit box.


  • An agreed value for specified items sets the amount you can claim, so claims are normally settled quickly and without having to go through the process of establishing value.

  • For items that are unspecified, we can provide a single article limit of up to £50,000 thus dispensing with the need to itemise “smaller” items.

  • 90 days automatic cover for new purchases with limits as high as £5,000,000.

  • Generous compensation for partial loss or damage to pairs, sets, collections.

  • Some insurers require professional valuation for items exceeding a certain value, typically £25,000.  We are able to recommend a professional valuation firm we know and trust.

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